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A healthy, joyful day depends on getting a good night's sleep. Your body and brain may suffer if you don't get enough sleep. Aromatherapy can help you in achieving better sleep. Both lavender and Ylang-yang oils can improve the quality of our sleep and whereas sandalwood keeps our state of mind in check. this oil mixture helps you sleep without stress!



  • Promotes peaceful sleep
  • Helps to reduce brain inflamation and brain fog
  • Aids in lowering stress levels
  • Improves overall happiness 
  • Helps you to relax


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Sleep Tight

0.33 फ्लूइड औंस
  • Apply directly to desired area or as directed by advisor. For children use it in diluted form. Re-apply topically as needed.

    Store in cool and dry place. Keep it away from direct heat and sunlight.

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