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Welcome to Solicitude Parenting by Ritu Jain

Your trusted source for holistic lifestyle guidance and well-being support for both kids and adults. At Solicitude, we are committed to helping you and your family achieve and maintain optimal health through a combination of mindful choices, gut health management, and the therapeutic power of essential oils.

Understanding importance of gut health and essential oils

A healthy gut is the cornerstone of overall well-being. It not only supports digestion but also plays a crucial role in immune function, mood regulation, and nutrient absorption. For both kids and adults, maintaining a balanced and thriving gut is essential for long-term health.

on other hand essential oils have been used for centuries to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being. At Solicitude Parenting, we harness the therapeutic benefits of essential oils to complement your holistic approach to health. Explore natural alternatives to common problems using essential oils. From headaches to allergies, we have solutions that can enhance your family's health naturally.

How can I help?

 Holistic Well-being: We provide comprehensive lifestyle guidance that addresses various aspects of well-being. Whether you're a child grappling with academic stress or an adult seeking wor


Stress Management: Our experienced professionals offer effective stress management techniques, helping you reduce anxiety and maintain a calm and composed mindset amidst life's challenges.

Relationship Building: Learn the art of building meaningful and fulfilling relationships. We offer strategies to enhance family dynamics, communication, and social skills for children and adults alike.


Safety and Usage Guidelines: Essential oils are potent, and proper usage is crucial. We'll educate you on the safe application and dosage of essential oils for children and adults.


Free Resource Group: I provide access to free group for additional resources, and support that can complement and enhance your child's progress.


Probiotics and Prebiotics: We offer recommendations on the right probiotics and prebiotics to help restore and maintain a balanced gut flora. A healthy gut can lead to improved digestion and reduced inflammation.

Parenting Support: As the name suggests, we specialize in parenting support. Our services include parenting workshops and consultations to nurture a loving, understanding, and empowering parent-child relationship.


Why choose solicitude parenting?

Expertise: Our team consists of experienced professionals who are passionate about holistic wellness. We have a deep understanding of gut health and essential oils and how they can benefit both kids and adults.

Personalized Approach: We believe that one size does not fit all. We take the time to understand your unique needs and craft customized solutions that align with your goals.


Family-Centered: We recognize the importance of family health. Our guidance is designed to benefit your entire family, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.


Evidence-Based Practices: Our recommendations are rooted in scientific research and traditional wisdom. We ensure that our methods are safe, effective, and backed by credible sources.

Empowerment: We empower you with knowledge and skills that you can carry forward for a lifetime. Our aim is to make you self-sufficient in managing your family's well-being naturally.

Accessible: My services are easily accessible because you can avail them at your home in your comfort, making it convenient for you to get the help you need.

At Solicitude Parenting, Ritu Jain is your dedicated lifestyle guide, offering expert knowledge and support in the realms of Gut Health and Essential Oils. We are committed to helping you achieve a balanced and harmonious life that fosters lasting well-being.

Contact Ritu Jain For more information or to schedule a consultation. Your journey to a healthier and more fulfilling life begins here.

"Schedule a complimentary 15-minute clarity call with me."

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